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Get a low mortgage rate on your Bloomington, Minnesota mortgage by working with a professional mortgage banker at American Bank. A wide variety of loan programs are available to accomodate your residential home financing needs including conventional fixed rate products, adjustable rate loans, and low money down solutions such as FHA loans and VA mortgages.

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Client Feedback

We at American Bank are always pleased to receive positive, constructive feedback from our clients. Here’s one of our favorites, from a homeowner who struggled with loss of equity, but was still able to refinance thanks to the help of a dedicated mortgage consultant:

I would like to take a moment to recognize one of your employees, Kiesha Gilbert.

I have gotten to know Kiesha over the past seven, yes…seven months as February is when I started my journey of refinancing my home which is when I met Keisha when she called me to see if she could be of assistance.

Throughout the amazing and sometimes torturous process of refinancing in this economic climate Kiesha was always reassuring, professional and compassionate about my situation.  Like millions of people I lost all equity in my home and to refinance was nothing less than a nightmare due to compliance issues, debt to loan ratio and a host of other road blocks that were thrown in our path.

Kiesha remained focused and reassuring when my financial world was crumbling around me.  She went above and beyond thinking and explaining various strategies with me.  I know she went above and beyond because before Kiesha I attempted to work with Associated Bank and they simply stated that I could not afford to refinance because my credit score was too low, I believe my credit score is currently combined at 740.  When I mentioned this to Kiesha she explained that my credit score was actually very good and that Associated did not work with me because my situation was complicated – she again was right.

Kiesha had to work with Starion financial to figure out a way to subordinate part of my HELOC and convert the other part into a personal loan in order for my VA loan to process.  I apologize if I am not getting all of the nuance correct as this is not my field of expertise.  Kiesha was successful in working with Starion to assist me in reaching my ultimate goal which is to pay off my debt as a single woman on one income.

I will make this goal due to the creative and tenaciousness that Kiesha brought to the table.  She never gave up on me.  She explained the complex finance world in terms that I could understand and feel confident that I was making good decisions.

I am beyond blessed and thankful for the relationship that I have built with Kiesha; we closed on Monday of this week and for the first time in seven months, I feel like my financial situation is heading in the right direction and my goal of being mortgage free is within reach.

You have a gifted and talented employee. I hope her future grows immensely as part of this recognition.

Kind Regards,


The peace that has came over us since closing has been indescribable. To reach a milestone we were striving for so long is one of the greatest feelings ever! Thank you again, Casey, for all your super hard work and I really can’t express how much we really do appreciate all your efforts!”

Eudora, Kansas

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American Bank is proud to be a part of the Bloomington, Minnesota community. With easy access to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, a huge selection of attractions, beautiful natural areas, and of course the Mall of American – there is no shortage of things to do in Bloomington. Turn to your local American Bank branch for all your Bloomington, MN home financing needs.

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