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VA Loan Programs at Competitive Mortgage Rates

American Bank is proud to deliver affordable VA mortgage financing solutions to eligible veterans and active duty servicemen and women of the United States’ Armed Forces.

VA loans, guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, offer a unique low money down mortgage financing solution. Underwriting guidelines for VA loan programs may be less restrictive when compared to other financing alternatives and many of these programs are assumable, meaning the loan and related terms can be transferred to the new buyer when the borrower decides to sell. This can be very attractive to prospective home buyers, especially during times when home prices and mortgage rates are going up.

To speak with an American Bank VA loan advisor, please call toll-free at (866) 519-2264. You can receive a no-obligation rate quote when you contact American Bank.

VA Mortgage Highlights:

  • Low money down VA mortgage loans.
  • Qualifying credit guidelines may be less conservative compared to other financing options.
  • VA loan funding fee may be financed into the loan amount.
  • No prepayment penalties.
  • Gift funds and seller contributions towards closing costs may be acceptable.
  • Fixed rate products.

Call American Bank today at (866) 519-2264 to discuss VA mortgage rates and programs.

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